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Posted By Taufik Hidayat on 9 Jun 2013

Download and Install Applications on PC LINE - In a previous post never share Telayubshare Line Free Application for smartphones, and this time I will share back in Install application in Line for PC
buddy. Actually Line Applications for the PC has long existed in the PC, but only had time to share today. While waiting for BBM for Android app was released, it would not hurt for my friend my friend who wanted to use the Line for PC applications, please just click on the download link suadah I have provided the link below.

PC LINE Applications
Download and Install Applications on PC LINE
Line up the current application has been downloaded 20 million times if only to users in it more than 30 million users. Just like his WeChat and KakaoTalk, Line Application system also uses a cell phone number so that users interact with each other.

In addition, the Free Application Line has several advantages from other chat applications that provide services free call line where we could use the phone service without siphoning pulse, but by using the internet connection. The second advantage, the group features in this application which can accommodate up to 100 members, those features that distinguish emotion varies Line with other IM applications.

To be able to access Line from your PC, email registration required. How to list like this; LINE app Settings Email Registration

PC LINE Applications
Line For PC
Free LINE applications can be installed in various Mobile Platforms or devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Windows OS, Windows vista/xp/7/8, For those of you who are interested to use this application, please Download and Install LINE app on PC below.

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JoshuaM said...

How do I register it without a Mobile App version? The app now tells users to register it on the smartphone line app, but I don't have a smartphone or mobile device capable of installing it.

Taufik Hidayat said...

Dear Joshua .
First, you must register online at the smartphone, only then you can run this application on your PC. so, you must have the ID line first.
thanks for visit my website.

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